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Lisa is extremely professional, reliable, and turned a stressful mess into an afterthought. I highly recommend her.In hopes of more frequent travel by car in Mexico, I needed a misdemeanor (disturbing the peace at a Charger game) expunged from my record so I can apply for a Sentri pass which would expedite my re-entry into the US. You all know how much of a pain that can be, and for those of you who are also aspiring to get one, you should know that you need a spotless record to get approved. I used yelp to find a criminal defense attorney and Lisa seemed to have the most glowing reviews, so I gave her a call. I made the right choice.

From our first e-mail exchange, I was put at ease. I was relieved to know that a knowledgeable and effective person was working diligently on my behalf. Our communication throughout was prompt and productive. Honestly, I’m not sure if [she] could have been made easier for me. If I ever have any trouble with the law again (crosses fingers), I know where to go.

Thanks so much Lisa!!!!

P.S. – She’s funny as hell, too :) – E.A 5/01/2015

After recently getting my 2nd dui and crashing my car I had the privilege of meeting Lisa Wong. She helped me with my insurance case and court case. I had no problems getting a hold of her and felt like I was kept in the loop through the whole process. Professional, diligent and trustworthy summarize how I felt how she approached my case. I would recommend her to any family and friends that find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Thank you Lisa for all your hard work! – S.B 3/11/2015

Lisa is an amazing attorney. She helped terminat[e] my probation only 1/3rd way through. She did not back down nor was she surprised when the prosecutor fought back with incident information that could have come off as a surprise but instead, she fought back with reasons and logics that influenced the judge to grant my dismissal.

Communication: Excellent. She replies as soon as possible when she is able to when you call or email her. If she is unable to answer, she answers you back as soon as possible. Very good at keeping her client updated and informed of the situation.

Meeting: She is on time, does not make you wait.

In the court: Provides sufficient evidence and grounds to fight your case. – J.P 2/16/2015

First and fore most, understand that Lisa is no average attorney. From the moment I met her, her genuine smile and loving attitude led me to the expectations that her lifestyle was probably similar to that of Mother Theresa. Except she was way spunkier, on fire, and she gets to reside in classy, thriving San Diego, and not a shack.

Whoever, whatever she was, I knew I wanted her on my case, because well, I have literally not met anyone to make me feel so at ease, when my life was on the line. And when I say life, yes I completely mean life, as legal actions can screw many dreams up, regardless of how big of a dreamer or realist you can be.

I never got the chance to work with her directly to see her on fire during the actual process of showing up and fighting for my case, but that did not matter at all. I always got either a phone call, or an email that gave me the most masterly outcomes. Not once did I ever receive news that would make my toes cringe. I would sweat, but thats it. But each following update from Lisa was always pleasant regardless of how stressed it could have been if Lisa wasnt so awesome at her job.

If i ever needed her for advice or updates, I was quickly assisted by her assistants and then if she was available, we got to chat a bit on the phone until she clarified things with me, and on to her next tackled accomplishment I’m sure.

Without a doubt I would recommend Lisa to ANYONE who wants to come out alive and feeling good. I wish I didn’t sound so sappy, but Lisa has potentially changed my life for the better, as her persistence to keep fighting along with the knowledge to back the determination, was a perfect combo to kick some serious buttocks. After about six months of staying on a continual process of battle, she was able to get both my charges dropped. Case dismissed.

OHHH…and the elevator was impressive also, it was really fast and prolific. That says a lot. Lisa gets to use that elevator. SHEs soooo cool gosh. Definitely a woman warrior that I look up to. Thanks Lisa. – B.C 12/23/2014

I could write a book with several chapters on so many different way Attorney Lisa Wong assisted me with my legal dilemma.

From the moment I talked to her from my initial conversation I knew I wanted to retain her. Her calm demeanor, her knowledge, experience and the time that she spent listening to me ramble I truly appreciated. She constantly kept me in formed via email, text or phone call as to what was going on with my case. If I was up in the middle of the night thinking about my case and emailed her, my emailed would be answer before I was awake the next morning.

Lisa is VERY knowledgeable and VERY professional. I was nervous the day of court but she didn’t seem to have a care in the world. When it was our turn…. the firecracker turned on!!! She was AWESOME!!!!

When she cross examined the other party, she just stuck to the same question and asked it several different ways…and of course the other party couldn’t keep her answer straight, the judge got irritated and it was over! Case dismissed in our favor :)

Needless to say it was a good day! I am hoping not to have to use Lisa any time in the future, BUT she has offered to always be there for me if I have any questions for me.

Since my case I have already referred her to a neighbor and they have retained her and have said the same things about her! They love working with her!

I have nicknamed her my fire cracker…she’s quiets while she gathers the information and then BOOM when you get her in the court room. Still quiet when she delivers, but SO organized and so straight forward! She doesn’t play!

Thanks Lisa :) – D.S. 09/28/2014

I was super pleased with the services I received from Lisa Wong. She always went the extra mile to get what was needed for my case, responded in a timely manner, and handled everything including the actual court appearance in an extremely professional way. I have never need any services from a lawyer before and this was a great first impression. She answered all my questions and asked the right questions about my case. Hopefully I won’t be needing any legal help in the future but if I do I know who to call. I would recommend Lisa Wong to anyone. Especially any friend that might need legal help. Many thank you’s to her and to yelp for letting me share this. – A.R. 9/14/2014

I attained Lisa for a frivolous legal action that was filed against me. I was in a really confusing situation because I needed protection too. She has genuine concern for her clients. She is very smart and really knows what she is doing. Most of all, she kept me focused and guided me on how to proceed. She took the time to listen, understand, and most of all CARE! My biggest fear was to be treated like a car on the assembly line. I’d recommend her to anyone….. – T.P. 7/12/2014

I am continually impressed by Lisa’s ability to quickly grasp complex legal issues and easily explain them to her clients. I highly recommend Lisa to clients in need of strong representation. – N.A 3/04/2014

I am extremely impressed with the service Lisa has provided! Having never been in trouble with the law before, the experience was a bit unnerving, to say the least, but Lisa was attentive and understanding of my circumstances. She was always so easy to get a hold of and unless she was in a meeting with another client, she answered her calls personally. If I had to leave a voicemail, she returned my call within a couple of hours.

Throughout the process, Lisa did a fantastic job of clearly answering my questions; no roundabout explanations or legalese of which I had no understanding. She was even so kind as to offer a bit of advice regarding a side matter that had come up in my life. When it came to negotiating the final plea, she came up with a creative solution to please the courts and myself.

Lisa genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being. She wants to see you succeed and will offer her helping hand in anyway she can. Hopefully I won’t need to utilize her services again anytime soon, but I know that she’s the first one I’ll call if I ever do! M.W. 2/21/14

Lisa is a very intelligent attorney. She put in a lot of effort while researching my case and was able to create a solid argument against my d-bag landlord. I’m still waiting to see how the case will pan out, but she’s done such a great job so far it’s worthy of this review. Whatever the outcome, i believe she put together the best possible argument in my favor. She’s also very easy to work with and explains legalities well to someone with no legal mind or background (someone like me). I’ve had bad experiences with other lawyers, so i can compare/contrast with some education. I’m currently still paying for services that were supposed to take 6 months to complete. It’s been 2 years and 2 months. I wish i would have hired lisa back then! M.E. 2/19/14

Truly an impressive lady. Ms Wong is the best! Fast, compassionate and kind. No one wants to be in the tuff situations that require a lawyer but Ms. Wong truly came through in one of the most difficult times in my life!! Thank you! – T.W. 2/18/13

Lisa Wong is warm, educated and very knowledgeable about the law. She helped my son get probation for a criminal offence that could have been 3 years in prison. He did not understand the gravity of what he was involved in and she explained everything. She went out of her way to remind him when items were due to the courts. She was very easy for him to contact, and if she was in court at the time he called, she contacted him within 2 hours. We are very grateful to Lisa for her help and guidance and I highly recommend her. She is a professional who can relate to all ages and explain at the level of understanding needed. Thank you very much Lisa! .” –C. W. 1/22/14

Lisa is an amazing attorney, she deserves not only five but six stars in my opinion! I was terrified, confused and confined in jail when I met Lisa, and she really helped clear things up for me. She also has incredibly abundant energy and a great personality. She’s very personable and will talk to you directly, and gets back to you immediately! I highly recommend Lisa..” – M.C. 11/14/13

Lisa was recommended to me by my best friends brother and friend of 14 years. He certainly followed through because Lisa is by far a top of the line attorney. Her level of knowledge and prompt professionalism is very rare anymore. She treats me like gold and I’m absolutely sure she will for you as well. couldn’t be more satisfied and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who deserves good legal service. . .” – T.M. 10/29/13

Ms. Wong is the greatest combination of client focus, professionalism and value I’ve seen in a lawyer. .” –J.W.8/17/13

Lisa is a great attorney! I called several law firms I found on yelp this morning in distress over an issue that I had been trying to resolve on my own. Lisa Wong called me back personally, unlike the other firms where I was brushed off to different assistants. Each time I was told that an attorney would call me back, but always the first question they asked was how much could I pay upfront. When Lisa called me back about an hour after I left a message I immediately liked her energy, intelligence, and compassion. She took her time to listen to my problem with undivided attention, and even offered free advice. We discussed several options, and since this was really urgent Lisa offered to stay late and meet with me the same day. I truly felt like I was working with a friend and not someone who only sees me as dollar signs. If I ever need an attorney again I would call her in a heart beat. Thank you Lisa! .” –N.Z. 7/29/13

This is an attorney who will go the extra mile! She is extremely helpful and informative. I have come to her with a number of family situations and she communicates well and educates me as to what the law is and also how to stay out of trouble (!). She was also really helpful with giving me advice about a friends DUI. I highly recommend her because her prices are very reasonable and you get quality representation and expertise from her. .” –R.J. 7/19/13

Ms. Wong is a compassionate advocate who fiercely fights for her clients’ rights. She knows how to navigate the criminal justice system to obtain the best results for her clients. I fully recommend and endorse Ms. Wong. .” –A.K. 7/2013

Lisa Wong is not only a wonderful attorney but a genuine person as well. She goes the extra mile to ensure you understand what is going on throughout the legal process and offers innovative and new ways to tackle whatever issue is presented. Lisa makes sure that you are her number one priority and is very quick to answer your questions. She doesn’t “waste” your time or money and works hard to ensure her clients are satisfied. .” –A.V. 6/27/13

Lisa Wong, a great dui attorney well my name is terri allen and i have a lawyer ,but he couldn’t show up for me so he sent her and she was great she was concerned and she is still in touch with me i recommend her to everyone ,she does this for the work she really does care about the client .” –T.A. 5/23/13

Lisa was recommended to me by another lawyer who practices a different area of law and recommended Lisa based on her experience and expertise. I had a traffic legal issue with the courts here in LA, and Lisa’s expertise went a long way in helping me close this case out successfully. If I had gone at it alone, I would have been much much worse off. Thank you, Lisa. .” –A.B. 3/26/13

As an attorney who has had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a number of matters, I can say that she is an experienced and dedicated professional that goes above and beyond for her clients. Yelpers should feel secure in retaining Lisa Wong for their Criminal Defense needs because she has extensive experience and knowledge. With her history as a Public Defender, Lisa has worked with clients on a variety of matters and made a difference for many people. The Law Offices of Lisa Wong, did a great job with the matter which I associated on with them and I look forward to doing business with Lisa in the future. I highly recommend her to others. .” –S.V. 3/13/13

Lisa Wong is an excellent lawyer. She was very professional but at the same time kept an open enough environment to where I can divulge embarrassing info without feeling judged. Her communication was always on time as well. I never had to ask what was going on with my case because she always in the loop and kept me inside as well. The greatest attribute to her service is that you speak directly to her. She takes the time as busy she may be to make her service personal. I really appreciate all that the Law Office of Lisa Wong did for me and I would recommend her to anyone going through tough legal matters. .” –M.N. 2/01/13

Lisa is the best I called around was told a price I could never afford at the other guys. Lisa worked within my budget and was able to get my case settled. I am very happy with the results and I will refer Lisa always should I ever have a need for a lawyer Lisa is my first call. Thanks again Lisa your the Best! .” –D.H. 10/18/12

Lisa is an excellent lawyer. She will fight for what she feels is right. She helped me understand the complexity of my case and provided, what I believe is, solid advice. Lisa was always prompt in providing updates on the status of my case. She worked with me all through out the way until the case was settled. What I appreciate most about Lisa is that she helped me get though the worst time in my life. Thank you, Lisa! –T.D. 8/25/12

The best of the best!! She is a pitbull who really fights for her clients. I do not live in California, so she called me on a regular basis. I was more than impressed with her efforts! And, she refunded the unused portion of my deposit. Who would have guessed that there were honest lawyers still around. –S.C. 6/11/12

Lisa is a warrior among warriors. I am a fellow lawyer in the community and have heard of of her reputation. She used to at the Riverside Public Defenders Office and was known as a fighter. She always has time to talk with her clients and is very accessible. You will not get a secretary or a run around. The phone goes straight to her. On top of that, I have hit Lisa up for advice on many occasions and she never comes short. – H.V. 3/15/12

I endorse this lawyer. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a week long trial skills seminar with Lisa. Lisa is extremely intelligent and a very hard worker. She is very personable in nature but at the same time extremely aggressive in tackling legal issues and defending her clients. Lisa brought so much to the course we attended together. What a tremendous asset she is to our profession. ” – P.C. 2011

Lisa is a very bright and diligent San Diego criminal defense attorney. I hope that it never happens, but if I ever had the need to retain a criminal defense attorney, I would not think twice about contacting Lisa Wong.– J.W. 2011

I endorse this lawyer. She is a fighter and an excellent advocate! You are in good hands with Miss Wong! –S.A. 03/2013

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